Wow No Limits Rocks! After just two sessions our volleyball team was able to tap into the "Fire Inside" and became more confident in their skills and athletic ability. They went out, took what Chad taught them and went undefeated in their following tournament. No limits teaches athletes and non athletes alike to use their body and what was abilities they have been given to be the best they could possibly be. We are very fortunate to have had Chad work with our team and look forward to more sessions and more opportunities for them to tap in and grow.   Thanks Chad 
Nadene VolkoffKoester, Stealth Volleyball Club, Director

"The No Limits program has helped our athletes get stronger, faster and quicker to the ball.  Since implementing the program three summers ago (2005), we have finished 12th, 7th and last year 3rd in the state!!  We attribute our power to compete to Chad's program!!!"
Holly Stetson-Head Volleyball Coach Longmont High School

Elizabeth went to Purdue incredibly prepared, especially with weights, for the lifting they are currently doing.  She said more than once that she is in better shape than almost any other freshman on the team and has had more weight lifting experience than most freshman.  As you know, lifting is a huge part of any Division 1 college program.  Your help in her preparation this summer (with her work out sent from Purdue) and No Limits in general, has been a huge help in her development in track in high school and now at the college level.  She told us that she has been helping other freshman to lift correctly and encourage them.   Upperclassman have come up to her and told her how well she is doing and thanked her for helping others.  That is such a great testament to you and the No Limits program.  Anybody considering doing any sport in college should definitely be involved in No Limits and it is an incredible program.  I felt that most high schools probably had a good weightlifting program but from what Elizabeth has mentioned at Purdue, she came in more prepared than most!  I wanted to let you know that and thank you and the rest of the coaches for having her prepared in many ways for college.
Jim Stover Father of Elizabeth Stover-Purdue University Track & Field Athlete
(Colorado State Record Holder in the Pole Vault)

"The No Limits Sports Performance program works!   I've been participating in the program for over 5 years.   When I came into the program I was raw, untapped talent.   After working with Chad I began to use and understand so much more.   This program was a large factor in my becoming a Colorado State Champion in the long jump."
David Eisheid-Colorado State University Track & Field Athlete

"The strength training that I have done with Chad has helped me improve greatly.   As a freshmen in high school I was a scrawny, little kid, weighing 130 pounds and barely able to lift a bar.   I now weigh 150 pounds and I am able to easily squat, and powerclean well over my bodyweight.   With the strength gained from the No Limits Program I was able to place 4th in the 110 meter hurdles, 2nd in the 300 meter hurdles, and 7th in the triple jump at the 2006 Colorado State Track and Field Championships.   I will be attending the Colorado School of Mines on a trackand field scholorship.   I would not have been able to accomplish what I did without the No Limits program."
Michael Calhoun-Colorado School of Mines Track & Field Athlete

"I have attended Chad Parish's No Limits Sports Performance program for four years and have achieved every goal I have set for myself.   Through the years I have shaved a full second from my 40 yard dash (5.5-4.5), increased my bench press by 130 pounds (185-315), as well as my squats by 225 pounds (225-450).   The training provided gave me the skills to play 3 high school sports and excel at the collegiate level in one of them.   I am extremely grateful for the time and energy that Coach Parish has devoted to helping me succeed and achieve my goals."
Brandon Birdsall-Collegiate Football Player

Since I can remember I've loved the idea of trying to go as fast as one possibly can; not in a car, not on a motorcycle, and not even on horseback... but rather on my own two feet.  My love for track and field started in middle school and eventually carried over into high school.  During my sophomore year, I had an upperclassmen suggest a lifting program to me:  No Limits.  So, late that winter I started the No Limits program and continued through the winter of my senior year.  In my senior year alone I took 4 seconds off of my 400 meter time and ran a personal best of 49.7 seconds.  Chad Parish in the most qualified trainer I've met through my many years of sports; he's very knowledgeeable about lifting and training techniques specific to each sport.  To sum it all up, Chad made me push myself and achieve strength levels that I never thought would be possible.  I was also the top 400 meter recruit for Concordia University, and am now getting paid to run.
Adam Birt-Concordia University Track & Field Athlete

For any athlete it is important to get well-rounded and balanced training.  As an athlete about to enter college sports, I cannot begin to express the great effect that training with No Limits has had on my athletic career.  It has taken my strength, and confidence to new levels.  It was important for me to be outside of my regular training for basketball and track, so I was able to strive toward the goal of improving my body and myself as a whole.   I have seen all different sizes, shapes, and strengths of kids go through No Limits, and all have had very positive outcomes.  It hit me just how valuable my training with Chad Parish had been when I met my strength and conditioning coach in college.  He was very impressed with my strength and lifting technique.  He told me that I would be ahead of the game as an incoming Freshman. That was such an amazing feeling.  I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to be part of the No Limits program.  No Limits is truly an amazing program that can change your body, and how you perform.  I highly recommend it for any athlete that would like to take their performance and strength to the next level, while while working in a fun and positive environment.
Molly Todd-Collegiate Basketball Player / Track & Field Athlete

I started No Limits for the first time the winter of my sophomore year of high school to get ready for my first track season. I had NEVER lifted before, and to say I was tiny would be an understatement. Training with Chad in the No Limits program helped me gain agility, but it also gave me the strength I took with me into the track season, where I won the 400m dash at the Colorado State Track & Field Championships. Since then I've been in the No Limits program each summer and winter session. Being in the No Limits program allowed me to develop and continue to increase my power. I completely credit Chad's coaching and training for the power I had playing high school volleyball four years and throughout my three years of high school track, where I won three Colorado state championships and placed top seven in eight other events. Over the years I participated in No Limits, Chad helped me to not only set goals to accomplish but was there to push and encourage me while I reached them. By the time the sessions came to an end I was shocked at how much weight I was able to handle and how far I had come. I chose the No Limits program to help me gain the power I needed. Because of it's incredible results, it is definitely one of the factors that helped me achieve a Division 1 track scholarship.
Bethany Praska-University of Iowa Track & Field Athlete

My name is Kristine Schmidt and I am now a student and softball player at Regis University. I learned that hard work and commitment were keys to being successful in high school sports, but I believe the majority of the credit goes to the No Limits training program.  I participated in the program from my freshmen year through today.   The No Limits program is one that will not only help athletes gain speed and strength, but it will also build character, while having fun at the same time. Chad does a great job at determining where the participants are relative to their skill sets and conditioning.  He then designs the program they need to implement to compete at a higher level.  He pushes them all to reach their full potential. In fact, my freshmen year of high school I ran track for fun and never dreamed of being a state champion.  However, after participating in the program our relay team won state in the 800 medley relay my junior year, and over the course of three years, I qualified for state in nine events, and placed in six of them. I strongly recommend the No Limits program to anyone who wants to pursue sports at a high level and increase their competitiveness.
Kristine Schmidt-Regis University Softball Player

The No Limits program taught me something very important. There are no limits. After my freshman year of track in high school I realized how much easier a 400 would be if I had some muscles.  I started No Limits in the winter before track season and I was amazed at what a big difference it made for me.  This program helped me shave more than two seconds off my 400-meter time from 50.17 down to 48.07, which finished me 2nd in state as a sophomore. No Limits continued to make me stronger while maintaining my weight, which was important for me since I am a runner. Chad helped me continue my success in the weight room and it directly reflected my success on the track.  I ended up winning state as a junior in the 400 and setting a 4a state record in that race with a time of 47.01. This program helped me have an edge on the competition. I have now received a scholarship to run at the University Of Oregon and looking back I see the primary reason for this was my involvement in the No limits program. This program works. 
Mathew Butcher-University of Oregon Track & Field Athlete

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